Cedar craft Hot Tubs are constructed using A grade western red cedar. Sawn cedar timber is machined and dressed in the cedar craft workshop to ensure no defects are present and all the timbers are straight and true.

Once the timber is cut and moulded using our special design they are fit tightly together and compressed using pre formed stainless steel bands. The bands are ratcheted together to form a water tight seal and solid wall construction capable of standing up to the immense weight of the water.

Each tub rests on H4 ground treated bearers which distribute the tubs weight evenly. Cedar seating is built and installed into the tub. 

Each tub is plumbed with a floor outlet and two wall mounted inlets jets, a pump and filter are added to keep the tub clean and clear.
Each tub has a full height cedar box custom built to fit around all the plumbing and mechanical plant. This box doubles as a side table while you are in the tub.

Each tub has removable cedar steps for easy entry and exit of your tub.

A hard top lockable heat retention cover is fitted in the colour of your choice.
Each tub is finished with a neutral cedar stain to protect the tub while not over powering the natural colours and grains.

 Hot Tubs

The Hot Tubs are popular for their ease of use, simply set your required temperature and your tub will do the rest. Each tub is fitted with a 3kw flow type element. The element is set to the desired temperature and will remain at the level. A pump and filter system are fitted to keep your tub clean and clear.




Specifications are subject to change without notice. Quotations guaranteed for 3 months, after this period an updated quote will be presented due to constant rising material costs.